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 Sikkim  -  Preface

Upon seeing the Himalayas, the most gigantic mountain range on earth, you can't help but be overwhelmed by its fascinating landscapes, its numerous ethnic groups with the widest variety of cultures and myths. The nature is as dramatic as the history and as incomplete the geological evolution of this gigantic mountainous area is, just as unlikely are the 40 million inhabitants of the region to find peace...

Kanchenjunga at sunset Top

 Sikkim  -  History

Under the dynasty of the Namgyal Chogyals from 1642 to 1975 Sikkim was a Buddhist kingdom. Due to being a buffer state between Nepal and Bhutan, India and Tibet / China it was repeatedly subjected to varying interventions. Finally, in 1975, Sikkim became the 22nd state of the Indian Union...

Red panda (heraldic animal) in the zoo of Darjeeling Top

 Sikkim  -  Population

·  Lepchas
·  Bhotias
·  Nepalese
·  Indians
·  Tibetans

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In Yoksum Top

 Sikkim  -  Religion

·  Hinduism
·  Buddhism

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At the Mahakali temple on the Observatory Hill a Hindu and a Buddhist sit together with their gods Top

 Sikkim  -  Darjeeling

·  Darjeeling
·  Toy Train, Chowrasta/The Mall
·  Tigerhill, Sandakphu
·  Observatory Hill
·  Tea Gardens
·  Colonial Times
·  Himalayan Mountaineering Institute,
   Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

·  Old monasteries: Bhutia Busty, Aloobari
   and Yiga Choling

·  Festival of Light: Diwali
·  Tibetan Refugée Self Help Centre

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Darjeeling with Kanchenjunga


 Sikkim  -  Gangtok

·  Gangtok
·  M. G. Marg
·  Research Institute of Tibetology,
   Do-Drul Chorten, Orchid garden,
   Ridge, Secretary, Deer Park,
   Government Institute of Cottage Industries

·  Enchey
·  Tashi View Point
·  Nor Gompa
·  Tamang: Buddha Purnima
·  Lal Market

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Monks wait for the circus in the stadium of Gangtok Top

 Sikkim  -  Eastern Sikkim

·  Rumtek
·  Changu Lake, Tseten Tashi Cave

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Market woman in Pakyong Top

 Sikkim  -  Southern Sikkim

·  Bon Monastery Yung Drung Kundaak Ling

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The Bon Monastery Yung Drung Kundaak Ling in southern Sikkim near Kewing Bazaar Top

 Sikkim  -  Western Sikkim

·  Pelling, Pemayangtse, cremation ceremony
·  Sanga Choling
·  Tashiding
·  Rabdantse
·  Kechopari Lake, cardamom
·  Yoksum, Dubdi Monastery
·  Trekking
·  Varsey

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Farmhouse in western Sikkim Top

 Sikkim  -  Northern Sikkim

·  Kabi Longstok, Phodang, Labrang, Tumlong
·  Yumthang

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Young woman cutting up stones for road construction Top

 Sikkim  -  Kalimpong

·  Kalimpong
·  Deolo Hill, Dr. Graham's Homes,
   Durpin Dara, Zangdogpalri Fobrang

·  Tharpa Choling, Chinese Monastery
·  Zhekar Choede, Thongsa Bhutia Busty
·  Durga Puja
·  Kali Mandir, St. Augustines School,
   Jagdamdgara, Main Bazaar, Raja Dorjee Market,
   St. Mary Church, Mangal Dham

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Market woman in Kalimpong Top

 Sikkim  -  Authors


Gabriele Fritz

Born in 1949 and grew up in Germany, trained photographer, got to know Europe on extensive journeys. The study of ethnology at university followed with the focus on Asia. Between 1981 and 1988 she travelled to Turkey on countless occasions. First she worked as a photographer at an archaeological excavation in the valley of the Euphrates. After several round trips through Turkey-Kurdistan and during her field research she lived for months on end with the rural population in the mountains, observing and photographing. The first long-distance journey led her to Thailand in 1988. Since then she has visited southern Asia more than thirty times, among other things also as a tour guide. She has a penchant for the Himalayan area with its overwhelming nature and its colourful mixture of peoples. Experiences in nature and people who live in remote regions interested her as well on her two trips to America with Dimitri Gerasimou. In 1993 they drove by jeep through unknown areas of Mexico. In 1994, a tour through the southern states of the USA followed, from Texas to Arizona. Gabriele Fritz lives in the Bienwald Forest close to the French border.

Gabriele Fritz in Pemayangtse

Dimitri Gerasimou

Born in 1956 in Greece, grew up in Germany, studied mathematics in Athens and computer science in Berlin. At the age of 12 he held a camera for the first time, he worked constantly to perfect himself. On his first trip out of Europe, to Morocco, he discovered his penchant for photographing people and barren landscapes. During the six months stay in the USA, he ended up in Terlingua / Texas for four months where he lived with the locals, dropouts in a Ghost Town. In 1994, he published the illustrated book 'The Terlingua area' in English. In 1995 he travelled to Asia for the first time. He is particularly interested in the Buddhist monasteries. In spite of his weakness for deserts and heat, he was ready with his cameras in the icy cold at every sunrise on the Kanchenjunga. Dimitri Gerasimou lives in the Bienwald Forest close to the French border and dreams of the sunny south.

Dimitri Gerasimou at the monastery of Sanga Choling

 Sikkim  -  Reviews


Montagnalibri: 12. Internationale Bergbuchausstellung, Trento (Italien), 24.04.98,
über die deutsche Originalausgabe

Bildband über Menschen und Landschaften von Sikkim, das zwischen Nepal, Tibet und Bhutan eingeschlossen liegt, und der Städte Darjeeling und Kalimpong. In Farbfotos und Texten haben die Autoren die landschaftliche Schönheit, die religiösen Riten und den Alltag in diesem Land eingefangen.

ekz-Informationsdienst für Bibliotheken, 27.07.98,
über die deutsche Originalausgabe

Handlicher, quadratischer Bild-/Textband über den 22. Bundesstaat der Indischen Union Sikkim und den südlich davon liegenden ehemaligen "Hillstations", Darjeeling und Kalimpong. Der umfangreiche Bildteil (2/3 des Bandes) gibt einen Überblick in die unterschiedlichen Naturräume und dem dort zusammenlebenden bunten Völkergemisch unterschiedlichster Herkunft und Religion. Der Text vermittelt neben einem kurzen Exkurs in die Geschichte und Gegenwart der einzelnen Regionen auch knappe reisepraktische Erfahrungen und Hinweise.

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